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Nationwide Hospitality & Multi-Family Certified Renovation Contractors
Celebrating over 32 Years


Hospitality & Resort Renovations Division

We have a loyal traveling workforce throughout much of the country and are currently facilitating expansion into new state markets. RBM has a proven track record with the top renovation General contractors from all over the country, making RBM Plumbing Systems your one stop source for fast and highly competitive estimates, premier customer service. 

Call us today for fast, competitive estimates and professional services from a 5th generation plumbing company. RBM has earned a credible reputation for completing on-time and on-budget public, private, multi-family and rehab projects for the last 32 years. We are HUD certified in promoting fair housing for minorities through our plumbing services. 

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Multi-Family Renovations Division

Over the past 32+ Years we have built a reputation of being the best in the business at assessing the most cost effective way to meet the needs of our clients. From pre-project planning, to budget estimating, due dilligence, all the way through final completion, on time, and within budget.

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Commercial / Assisted Living Renovations Division

RBM Plumbing’s project portfolio includes Hospitality, Commercial and HUD projects from the South East USA.

This portfolio showcases RBM Plumbing’s completed projects. Through our professional plumbing work, our clients have experienced 100% satisfaction with quality plumbing services that exceeded their expectations. RBM Plumbing guarantees all of our work and your complete satisfaction with our projects. We are a 4th generation plumbing contractor that has over 32 years of experience and licensed in Florida, Georgia South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, California & Arizona. When choosing a professional plumbing service for your commercial, HUD, new, or existing structure, select RBM Plumbing. 



If you are planning to renovate your commercial property, hotel, school, or HUD complex, RBM Plumbing delivers specialized and experienced solutions. RBM Plumbing has 32 years of experience and is licensed in Florida, Georgia , South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee  Virginia, Texas, Arizona and California.  When choosing a professional plumbing service for your commercial, HUD, new or existing structure, select RBM Plumbing.  Our portfolio reflects the quality of service and scope of repairs and services that we have provided to contractors across the Southeast. 

We work with contractors to provide superior plumbing fixtures and installations. In addition to renovations and remodeling work, we also provide new construction solutions. Our company has the experience to do large projects (hundreds of units) or several small projects. We are certified by HUD as a fair housing provider.   The services that RBM Plumbing provides extend beyond hospitality and commercial applications and into building communities. RBM supports growth in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama. If you are a contractor planning to begin construction on a new project, or if you are a property manager planning to renovate a current complex, we have the tested experience and professionalism to guarantee our quality workmanship.



National Brands 




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RBM North (Corporate Office):

100 Newspaper Way, Suite 105

Holly Springs, NC 27540

Phone: 919-355-2181

RBM South:

100 East Pine Street, Suite 110

Orlando, Florida 32801

Phone:  919-762-0085

RBM Midwest:

6545 Market Avenue, Suite 100

North Canton, Ohio 44721

Phone:  916-295-9074

RBM West:

5716 Corsa Avenue, Suite 110

Westlake Village, California 91362

Phone:  916-517-8185

Please send ITB / Bid Requests to:


To become a contractor with RBM Plumbing, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 919-355-2181
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